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Neutron/Gamma Shielding

The use of Neutron and Gamma shielding has increased as the nuclear medicine field as well as the equipment used in these facilities has evolved.  For over 50 years A&L Shielding has kept pace with the changing needs in this field.  Our engineering department is capable of designing door and wall systems, HVAC shielding, overhead shielding, etc. in a cost effective manner per the given design criteria.  We custom engineer each project in a manner that makes sense for that project’s individual needs.

Our project team offers a complete system including lead sheeting, interlocking lead bricks, high density or borated polyethylene, lead lined plywood, etc. to fully protect the surrounding environment.   Along with a superior quality product design we offer installation services for these Neutron & Gamma Shielding projects. 

We will design and install all components needed for these projects rather it be a new project or a room upgrade.


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