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Borated Polyethylene

5% Borated Polyethylene is a light weight, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of neutron and gamma shielding needs for various medical and industrial applications.  

Standard size sheets are 48”x96”x1” thick and weigh approximately 154 pounds each.

Polyethylene has a high hydrogen content that slows fast neutrons, which are then captured by the high cross-section boron. This minimizes the dose from captured gammas.


Calculated Heat of Combustion 15,300 BTU/lb = 8425 calories/gram
Thermal Conductivity, k (BTU-ft(hr)(ft2)(°C)): 1
Thermal Conductivity , k (Cal - cm/(sec)(cm2)(°C)): 0.004
Specific Heat (Cal/(g)(°C)): .056
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ((cm/cm)(°C)): 1.1 x 10-4
Cubical Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ((cm/cm)(°C)) 1.1 x 10-4
Compressive Strength (psi): 800