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PET Radiation Shielding Glass


Our PET Radiation Shielding Glass is used for shielding 0.511 MeV gamma rays in PET treatment. This glass is made of materials having a lead oxide content rate of roughly 70% that is equivalent to ultra-high lead content block glass for nuclear power facilities with sizes up to 60”x42”.  


Lead Equivalent Nominal Thickness Pounds Per Square Foot
5.0mm 14.7m 15.8
7.5mm 21.8mm 23.5
10.1mm 29.4mm 31.8
12.9mm 36.5mm 39.5
15.6mm 43.6mm 47.1
18.2mm 51.2mm 55.5
21.0mm 58.3mm 63.1
23.6mm 65.4mm 70.8