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Miscellaneous Products

Vision Lite Kits

These Bullet Resistant metal vision kits are used in bullet resistant doors where a vision light is needed for observation.  They are available for UL 752 Levels 1, 2, 3 & 6 are primed gray and secured in door with thru-bolts.  They are to be ordered based on the visible part of the lite.  The glass size is order size (visible lite) plus 2” and require a cutout size of order size plus 2 ¼”.

Pass Through

Our UL listed Bullet Resistant pass thru drawers offer security for administrators in justice facilities, convenience stores and secured facilities while transferring items between secured and non-secured environments.

Our typical pass thru drawers allow the operator to pass money, credit cards, forms, currency bags and more. Deal trays can be used for money and document transactions if you don't need a drawer.


We provide a complete line of door hardware that can be used on our bullet resistant doors, including locks, hinges, pivots, door closers, protection plates, etc.

We stock Rixson L147xML19x26D pivots for 1 ¾” doors, Pemko CFM83SLFHD1 aluminum continuous hinges and Lead lined Yale 3501-Aluminum Closers.