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Custom Capabilities

A variety of shielding designs are required in the X-ray protection field. A&L Shielding specializes in designing and building these special items.

Many times the requirement of radiation shielding can create unique challenges in the design, building and installation of specialty products. Drawing on more than 50 years of experience in the industry allows our team to provide the best technical support and service to our customers. The vast experience A&L Shielding has in designing practical, cost effective products provides our customers with sensible solutions to challenging shielding requirements.

To serve this market effectively, it is often necessary to make recommendations on the application and design of shielding systems in many situations. Each application is different. Variables include weights, anchoring systems, installation challenges, hardware needs and many others. Most of these depend on shielding levels needed because the levels required determine lead thickness and design.

We quote shielding levels as requested by our customers. We recommend that the contractor or the owner specify these shielding levels only after consulting a certified radiation physicist.

No matter how simple or complex the requirements are, A&L is the source for your solutions.


The items listed below are just a few specialty products that we can offer.


PET (Positron Emission Tomography)

PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is one of the specialty shielding applications that requires thicker and heavier shielding than convetional X-Ray. The lead for PET shielding may range from 1/4" thick up to 1" or greater. A&L has supplied a number of PET room designs using lead bonded too fire treated plywood. It is possible to incorporate interlocking lead bricks in the design for lead requirements of 1" and above.


Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife installations also require heavy lead shielding, especially in doors and frames at the room entrance. A&L designs include steel clad swinging and sliding doors for these applications, as well as wall and ceiling shielding.


Other Custom Radiation Shielding

A&L also offers steel clad lead safes, custom room barriers, sliding and rolling steel lead lined doors, plus sheet polyethylene and lead for custom duct and area shielding.