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Bullet Resistant Glass Clad Polycarbonate

Bullet resistant glass clad polycarbonate is a No-Spall product offering optimal protection in both interior and exterior applications. 

Bullet resistant, no-spall, glass clad polycarbonate is a combination of various layers of glass, polycarbonate, PVB (Poly Vinylbutyral) and/or a ThermoPlastic Urethane (TPU). Typically, a thin layer of glass is used on the exterior (threat side) surface to resist scratching or environmental effects. The interior (rear) face is always a polycarbonate layer with a scratch resistant coating. These various layers are bonded together and come as a single unit. All of our bullet resistant glass-clad products meet UL752 standards and are UL Listed for Levels 1 through 8. 

Maximum size is 60”x96”.   Contact us for specific details. 


Level Thickness (Approximate) lbs/SF
1 3/4" 7.2
2 15/16" 10.4
3 1-1/8" 12.2
4 1-1/4" 14
5 1-5/16" 15.9
6 1" 9.8
7 2" 22
8 2" 22