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"It's always a pleasure working with A&L." -Door Supplier, Fairfield, NJ

"The A&L Team always does a great job for us. We truly value our trade partnership."-Door Supplier, Nashville, TN

*The order came in and the best thing was 'as promised' timing." - Door & Hardware Supplier, Lincoln, NE

"A&L Shielding has been great as always." - Construction Company, Wildwood, GA

"The customer service, products, and pricing are great." - Door Supplier, Greensboro, NC


We are committed to serving our customers by offering a wide range of products and educating them about the products they need to ensure their building projects run as smoothly as possible.

Below you will find links to the main categories of the shielding materials we offer — both lead shielding and bullet resistant shielding. After clicking on the category that interests you most, you can navigate through various sub-categories to learn about the building projects you need. Each products page lists various types of technical information as well as downloadable PDFs to include in your submittal packages or for your own reference. We have strived to provide you with as much information about each product as possible. However, we do know that sometimes customers have additional questions, and we encourage you to call us if you find yourself in need of more information.

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